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Catfish: The TV Show is known for shedding light on the crazy situations people involved in virtual relationships get themselves into. But last night’s episode featured a particularly crazy turn of events.

It turns out Ramon, who said he only had an inkling that his virtual love Paola was not being truthful, actually had video chats and conversations with Loyda, the real person behind “Paola,” prior to the show. What’s more, Loyda fabricated a fake engagement to Ramon on her real Facebook — and that doesn’t even cover Ramon’s apparent selective memory or his more than $3,000 in gifts and money to “Paola.” Last night’s OMG moments place it among the most bizarre situations since recorded on the MTV series.

Check out the top five craziest Catfish reveals, ranked below:

5. Rico & Ja’mari

On the surface, Ja’mari doesn’t seem to be hiding as much as other Catfishers. He has been truthful about his appearance and physical self to Rico. But digging deep, Nev and Max discover he has lied about practically every other aspect of his life, including his success, his profession, and living situation. But digging deeper still, it’s revealed that Ja’mari, or James, has an odd criminal past, in which he was arrested for allegedly stealing multiple buses, impersonating a bus driver, and driving the buses along their routes. Huh? Well, that’s Catfish for you.

4. Ramon & Paola

Let’s be honest: Viewers and the Catfish boys alike knew right away that Paola was not actually Paola. Ramon even looked up Paola’s “cousin” Loyda, who appeared in a video chat instead of the “real” Paola. But this seemingly textbook Catfish case turns even more dysfunctional when Ramon is outed for already knowing that Paola is Loyda. Loyda isn’t off the hook, though. She managed to convince her stubborn mother Loyda (yes, Loyda Sr.) that her engagement with Ramon is real all the while never having mentioned to Ramon that they are supposedly engaged. What tops everything is that Ramon still wishes to maintain his close friendship with Loyda, but at the two month check-in, he seems dejected that they no longer talk as Loyda supposedly has a new boyfriend. He says he doesn’t feel hurt, but his sad eyes betray him. Too bad, it seems like they were meant to be.

3. Kya & Alyx

Kya and Alyx’s story is that rare flower of a relationship that is filled with so many lies and deceptions that it actually works out to a happy ending. Kya and Alyx met each other on the Vampire Freaks website and fell in love. When Kya confessed that she had used fake photos for her profile, Alyx quickly forgave her yet denied doing the same thing. But, of course, this is Catfish. Not only is Alyx not the person from the photos, he is Dani, a transgender man. Lo and behold, Kya is unfazed and forgives Dani. And they ended up together! This episode holds the distinction of being one of the few to feature a truly happy result for the couple.

2. Jasmine & Mike

In almost every episode, the Catfisher is at least a bit remorseful and regrets hurting the feelings of the Catfishee — but not in this instance. Jasmine, who is firm in her belief that Mike is exactly who he says he is, learns that she has been straight-up played by Mhissy in a revenge plot to steer clear of her current boyfriend, and Jasmine’s ex, Triggs. But heaven forbid you think of Mhissy as a bad person. This episode wins the award for being unnecessarily nasty and sad.

1. Rod & Ebony

Rod and Ebony’s story takes the crazy Catfish cake by far. Rod enlists Nev and Max’s help to untangle his own web of lies. He met Ebony online using a fake profile and photos under the name KJ. But, after a couple of weeks into their online relationship, Ebony revealed that she isn’t a natural born woman but a transgender woman. Rod nevertheless had fallen head over heels in love with her and wants to profess his love for her in person. But in a stunning turn of events, Ebony the transgender woman is actually Ebony the natural-born woman. Plus, she has an 11-year-old daughter. Oh, and she’s a lesbian. It’s also revealed that Rod continued talking to Ebony in part because she paid his phone bills, and Ebony continued talking to Rod because she wanted a gay man’s companionship. Despite this mess, these two remain friends.

What Catfish craziness did you find to be the most shocking? Sound off in the comments!

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