By Annie Barrett
Updated July 09, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

So You Think You Can Dance

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SPOILERS ahead. Two more dancers have left the competition — at the end of the show, this time. (Our disgust re: last week’s format was “noted”!) I’ll post my recap of tonight’s performances later on; in the meantime, discuss!

Jasmine Mason has been eliminated, while Jade Zuberi had to bow out due to injury.

Alexis Juliano and Jenna Johnson also had to dance for their lives, while bottom-three guys BluPrint and Curtis were automatically safe because Jade was already out.

I’m shocked that it’s Jasmine leaving instead of Alexis! She’s so lithe and explosive and has this look about her that’s very “I’m a teenager and full of life!” but never came across as immature. Nigel and the producers seem to be using the choreographers’ comments as determining factors when deciding who to eliminate. The choreographers didn’t like having to give Alexis the same note over and over, and they thought Jasmine doubted herself too much. I never saw any doubt from her at all! Gotta say I’m bummed about this one.

Your thoughts? Did you like Paula Abdul and Erin Andrews as guest judges?



Opening number choreographed by Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott

Music: “Pretty Face (Nathan Lanier Remix)” by Soley

Amy and Fik-Shun — Paso Doble by Jean-Marc Genereux

Music: “Tactical Dominance (Orch Hybrid Version)” by Jack Trammell

Jasmine Harper and Aaron — Broadway by Spencer Liff

Music: “They Just Keep Moving The Line” by the Smash cast feat. Megan Hilty

Mackenzie and Paul — Contemporary choreographed by Lindsay Nelko

Music: “No Day But Today (Live From Soundstage)” by Idina Menzel

Jasmine Mason and Alan — Jazz by Sean Cheesman

Music: “Veins” by Charlotte Martin

Jenna and Tucker — Hip Hop by Keone and Mari Madrid

Music: “Dangerous (Immortal Version)” by Michael Jackson

Malece and All-Star Marco (in place of Jade) — Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh

Music: “In the Embers” by Sleeping At Last

Hayley and Curtis — Samba by Jean-Marc Genereux

Music: “Straight to Memphis” by Club des Belugas

Alexis and Nico — Jazz by Spencer Liff

Music: “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone

Mariah and Blu Print — Hip Hop by Luther Brown

Music: “Bring The Noize” by M.I.A.

Which dances were your faves tonight?

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