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Magna Carta Holy Grail

In 1992, Jay-Z retired from dealing drugs and went in search of a record deal. Also in 1992, Miley Cyrus was born. And somehow, the universe (and lyrical shout-outs. And the Internet.) has brought these seemingly disparate artists together.

It all started with Miley getting pumped about a Jay-Z song playing on the radio in 2009’s “Party in the USA,” and the connection continues with Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album, which hit stores today. “Feds still lurking/They see I’m still putting work in/’Cause somewhere in America/Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’,” Jay-Z raps on “Somewhere in America,” in reference to the Hannah Montana alum’s new favorite dance move.

During a Twitter Q&A on Monday to promote the album, Hov was asked about the line and said Cyrus “represents an old world’s worst nightmare: Black neighbor, and the daughter not seeing color,” even calling the singer/actress “a GOD” for her twerking skillz. Miley relished the recognition, tweeting, “Call it what you want. But I don’t see Mr. Carter shoutin any of you bitches out. #twerkmileytwerk.”

Well, they definitely like talking about each other, but how alike are they, really? You might be surprised. Below is a sampling of Magna Carta lyrics mixed with Miley’s recent tweets. Can you tell the difference? Put yourself to twerk!

1. “I told God to protect me from my enemies and I started losing friends.”

2. “I got haters in the paper, photo shoots with paparazzi.”

3. “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford.”

4. “We are all friends. Why can’t you all be?”

5. “My back is sore with everyone on it, damn.”

6. “Black card go hard when I’m shopping.”

7. “Me and destiny got a date.”

8. “All my bitches love me, and I love all my bitches.”

9. “Bottom grill, I make my tooth get gold.”

10. “Cotton candy ice cream is the truth.”

11. “I wish I had a clone machine.”

12. “Best friends become ya enemies.”

13. “Just had a real dope meeting.”

14. “Fresh in my Easter clothes feeling like Jesus.”

15. “Matching tatts, this ink don’t come off even if rings come off.”

16. “Mary Jane fixes errrrrythang.”

17. “Industry talk behind your back, ain’t nobody got time for that.”

18. “I think Jesus must drive a Prius with an Obama sticker on the bumper, because I’m 99.9% sure I just saw him driving down the 101.”

19. “F— hashtags and retweets … 140 characters in these streets.”

20. “Don’t forget, America, this how you made me.”


Jay-Z: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20

Miley Cyrus: 1, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 18

How’d you do? Share the toughest ones below! (Oh, and fun fact: Miley’s dog is named Mary Jane.)

Magna Carta Holy Grail
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