By Amanda Taylor
Updated July 08, 2013 at 08:37 PM EDT
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Everyone’s worst nightmare is that they’ll revert back to their former self, becoming a self indulgent, moody teenager. Right? Well, not exactly.

In the new trailer for The Lifeguard, Kristen Bell is thrilled to move back to her childhood bedroom, reclaim her high school job, and sleep with a minor — to find herself.

Apparently, according to this trailer, she just needed a life do-over in order to be able to become her best 30-year-old (or is it 29-year-old?) self.

Click below to watch a fully grown adult with a college degree have a coming-of-age summer:

The film — which also stars Martin Starr, Maimie Gummer, David Lambert, and Amy Madigan — premiered at Sundance and opens in limited release August 30.

The Lifeguard

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