By Mandi Bierly
July 08, 2013 at 04:08 PM EDT

Chris Pratt knows it’s “kinda douchey” to post a shirtless pic on Instagram, but we’ll forgive him. The Parks and Recreation star’s brother convinced him to show off his new physique for Marvel’s big-screen Guardians of the Galaxy in which Pratt will play leading man Star Lord, the half-human half-alien leader of a bio-engineered team of space-traveling heroes. We’re guessing this took Henry Cavill hours in the gym, but Pratt credits “Six months no beer.”

While Pratt has been at fighting weight before to play a member of SEAL Team Six in Zero Dark Thirty (and shared an underwear pic on Conan), not everyone hopes he maintains the look this time.

@prattprattpratt: #GOTG No beer for six months. My bro made me post this.” You CANNOT return to Pawnee like that!

— Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) July 7, 2013

We’re just happy that Pratt will have the chance to kick a little more ass. Talking to EW about the Parks and Rec episode “The Debate” in Pratt’s character, Andy, reenacts Road House and Rambo, the show’s EP Michael Schur made it clear that Pratt is an action fan. It’s worth revisiting.

SCHUR: We came up with the idea that Andy didn’t pay the cable bill, so when they tried to watch the debate on TV, there was no TV. I can’t remember who pitched the idea, but it was that he was trying to entertain people and distract them by reenacting his favorite movies. Again, this is like a perfect storm of goodness from our show: Amy [Poehler], who wrote and directed the episode went to Pratt and said, “If Andy were going to reenact a movie for people, what would it be?” And he said, Road House immediately. So she then went and watched Road House and like started to write Andy’s recap. Then she said to herself, “Why am I doing this? Pratt said Road House so quickly, that I’m sure all I have to do is go record him actually doing it, and then I’ll get the perfect Andy reenactment.” So she did that and essentially transcribed what Pratt really said in their dressing room. Which is a genius move as a writer — if you have the actor to write your scene for you, by all means do it. And then, even better was that Pratt, when he was reenacting it that day, he then added four or five things that were even funnier than what he said originally. Like there’s a moment when he clarifies what is subtext and what is not subtext. And then we always like to get a lot of alternatives for the jokes, so Amy asked him on set for one more movie Andy would do, and he said, “I would do Rambo.” But like the most recent Rambo, which Chris Pratt vehemently insists is the best Rambo movie. It’s very important for him to tell people that that’s actually the best Rambo movie. So it was the perfect mix of writer/director Amy knowing exactly how to use this amazing comedy machine that is Chris Pratt, and then Pratt turning that machine up to 11.

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