Tumblr has a habit of pointing out things that change your whole world. Take, for instance, the site’s latest mind-blowing revelation that Beauty and the Beast heroine Belle was actually meant to be with … Aladdin?

Listen, I’m all for Princess Jasmine. I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was in pre-school, and my hair was so long I didn’t need to wear a wig. And the Beast is your classic bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold.

But check this out: Belle’s favorite book — the one the bookshop owner gives her as a gift because “she’s read it twice” (take me to that store) — is really the story of Aladdin. The two could’ve been MFEO if they had lived in the same time and place. Check out the graphic that explains everything below:

Now I’m sitting here thinking about other Disney princesses who might have been better off with a different prince. At the very least, Belle kind of predicted Aladdin’s story in an eerie, “we’re all connected here in the Disneyverse” sort of manner. (Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991, while Aladdin didn’t arrive until 1992.)

Check out the Tumblr gem above, which will make you think Belle is a fortune-teller. And maybe that she and Aladdin were meant to be.

Aladdin (1992 movie)
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