After taking hits for not exposing its racist and homophobic house guests, Big Brother 15 on Sunday finally put the spotlight on at least one of its most infamous players.

Granted, several players have been guilty of making abhorrent comments over the last week, but BB made the decision to focus mostly on Aaryn Gries, 22, who was dropped by her modeling agency because of what she was caught saying on the 24/7 feeds. At one point, the show devoted an entire montage to her offensive comments, including how she addressed Andy, a gay housemate, and how “no one’s going to vote for whoever that queer puts up.”

The segment began with several of the housemates discussing Gries’ behavior while gathered in the HOH room. Howard Overby, who is African-American, began by saying how “some derogatory stuff has come out, the real her comes out, that she can’t apologize for. That would be my only, I guess, personal matter with it.”

“She makes racist remarks too,” Amanda Zuckerman added.”Does she know we’re on TV and you shouldn’t say stuff like that?” asked Judd Daughtery.

Gries is then seen making racist comments about Helen Kim and how she should “go make some rice.” She also tells Nick Uhas “I probably look like a squinty Asian right now.”

The bad behavior continued in the kitchen, where she’s heard mocking Asian nail salon workers by saying, “Why you no have boyfriend? It’s because you don’t want long nail!”

House guest GinaMarie Zimmerman, who also lost her job last week because of her loathsome behavior, was briefly exposed for making a racist comment about Candice Stewart, who is African-American. She is seen talking to Aaryn about how Stewart is on the dark side “because she’s already dark.”

“Even when these comments are made in fun, they’re still hurtful and are disrespectful,” Overby said in the diary room.

Fan sites began to put the heat on Big Brother last week after seeing and hearing several of the players make hateful comments on the internet feeds. A petition was created on Change.Org calling for Gries’ ouster, at the same time the show released a statement saying how Gries and the others do not “represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.” Gries, who is head of household this week, nominated Kim and Elissa Slater for elimination on Sunday.