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Outfit Watch: Hanna is wearing an ice cream shirt! But don’t get distracted, Liars. Ice cream is fun but mystery solving is serious business. Caleb explains the caliber of the gun Hanna’s dad is missing, she gets defensive, and attacks her friends. Everyone is freaking out – and everyone has their own family loyalties to consider. Emily’s parents are being investigated by social services, Hanna’s mom is being implicated in Wilden’s murder (if only to Hanna and Caleb) and Spencer’s sister is under scrutiny. But she deserves it. Only Aria’s family is safe … for now.

Ewwww! Detective Holbrook just made a creepy/predatory remark about the girls’ outfit choices! To be fair… nobody dresses like that in any high school I’m aware of. But this is TV, other lady-detective in the car!

“That guy’s got so many heads, I don’t think he’ll miss one,” said Hanna, to which Spencer replied she needed to write that one down. Since I am an aspiring Spencer Hastings myself, I figured I’d write it down too. But is it foreshadowing?

Hanna called Ella’s boyfriend the Muffin Man. Dang girl, why do you get all the good lines? And where’s my friend who is always ready with the witty, dry and somewhat ridiculous but always hilarious comebacks? Oh Hanna.

Let’s talk about that scene at the bank. I understand that having male cops to this point has been threatening and they have pried into the business of the Liars and their families and been involved with Ali and Jenna and who knows what other teenage girls in Rosewood. That’s all pretty scary. But has anyone noticed that they’ve all died? And that girls on this show are way less likely to bite the bullet (which is why I think Alison is still alive). This lady detective – Lieutenant Tanner – is far more threatening and I think a force not to be trifled with.

Moment of silence for Emily’s swimming career. Looks like she won’t be going to Stanford with Paige after all.

Remember like one paragraph ago when I said Lt. Tanner was intense? Why does Hanna think she can go up against her in a game of “who knows more about Wilden?” Pretty reckless, and she’s rarely successful in those stubborn moments. Which happen a lot, with Hanna. I’m a little tired of her being convinced she has the right plan, and Caleb coming to tell her she doesn’t. And vice versa. They don’t seem to trust each other at all.

Let’s take bets on how long Jake can stay ignorant of … nope. Malcom just showed up. And now the big underage teen dating her teacher cat is out of the bag. Well at least he still doesn’t know about A! For now. Hey, has anyone noticed how boys love telling girls how they feel and what they think? So manly. Oh wait. Nope. So maybe Aria isn’t head-over-heels passionate about Jake, but maybe that isn’t what she wants or needs right now. Maybe this is like when Jo turns down Laurie and marries Professor Behr. She needs someone nice, in a non-complicated situation.

Ashley seems completely guilty. I’m starting to think she is. This conversation between the Marin girls is extremely heated.

And I knew Toby’s mom’s doctor was insane! Oh but not too insane to implicate Ali in his mom’s apparent suicide! Thanks, old chap.

Spencer narrating Melissa’s thoughts during the big mask reveal scene is one of the reasons I love the dark, desperate humor of PLL. Nobody laughs on screen, because they are using that biting sarcasm to cope with the purely insane ins and outs of their lives. So where’s Melissa heading?

Manicure Watch: Aria’s bright colored tips are perfect and I must know the shade!

Watching Melissa break those masks and throw them in the lake spawned this thought: “that reminds me of when Ariel finds the remains of Prince Eric’s statue and all that’s left is is pretty stone face.” And this showdown is a delight! The Hastings girls, I think, really care about each other despite being competitive and catty.

So there we have it. Still no answers, and in fact I have more questions now than I did when the episode started – but that’s why we love this show right? Sound off in the comments if you think Ashley killed Wilden – or didn’t, and let me know if you have any insight about what Melissa knows.

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