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Happy early Fourth of July, friends.

It’s that time of the week again! But before you dive in, a reminder to keep sending in those questions. ( Also, watch my Twitter for some fun announcements about a few Comic-Con panels I’ll be moderating this year and for more on EW’s overall plans for the four-day festival of frantic fun.


Loyal Grimsters! Can’t wait for season 3? You’re not alone. I know this because my inbox was PACKED with questions when I told you about my impending chat with EP Jim Kouf. Here, he tackles three of your burning questions:


Criminal Minds fans should buckle up for the show’s upcoming season 9 premiere. Why? Because it’s going to be a whopper two-part episode about a man who kills girls who look like his ex. “[The storyline] is pretty complicated,” teases Kirsten Vangsness of the episode, in which Camryn Manheim is set to guest. “I was a little confused for a second and then I figured it out and was like, ‘Wow!'”

While last season the show used their opener to establish season-long villain The Replicator, Vangsness says early intel indicates a different direction for this season. “I hear they want to tell a lot of origin stories this season — how we got to where we are. And I really enjoy those, when they go back and get into our personal stuff. And if they do that, it will afford us to go back and bring people back, like Strauss,” she says.

As for her character Garcia, Vangsness, whose Kickstarter campaign recently reached its goal, says she hopes to see more of Nicholas Brendon’s Kevin, but not because she wants Garcia to settle down with him. “I really like the storyline of her having another guy and her ex being upset,” she says. “I like that she gets so much action, so I really hope they continue that. The nerdy girls aren’t typically the ones you see dating. They’re usually holed up in their batcaves.”


Teen Wolf! PLEASE!! — Lauren

Scott’s guilt over Derek’s “death” is going to weigh heavily on him in episode 6, resulting in what Tyler Posey calls his favorite episode of the season. “It shows a side of Scott you’ve never seen before and it was a lot of fun to play and very emotional and everyone on set was crying,” he said. “So get ready with those tissues.” Yes, guys, get ready for a full-on Scott break down. But who will be there for him during this tough time? Well, his bestie of course! “Stiles steps up and becomes the man and shows Scott the right way to go.” D’aww.

Any Teen Wolf scoop for me? Maybe something on the midseason finale. PrettypleasewithDerekontop. — Jenna

[Insert dirty joke about Derek being “on top” here.] Ehem, of course! Here’s what The Posey told me about about the midseason finale, which sounds like a doozy. “It’s going to be the biggest thing in Teen Wolf history so far,” he says. “And Scott is going to finally show why he’s the lead of the show.”

SANDRA! I need Downton scoop. PLEASE! — Marie

How about some scoop on Gary Carr’s Jack Ross, who we got a first peek at in some new pictures that surfaced this week! When I caught up with executive producer Gareth Neame, he dished on the jazz musician’s addition and what we’d be seeing between Ross and cousin Rose (Lily James), who meet in a London club. “We know she’s a bit of a wild child, right? She’s a bit rebellious, and she likes the boyfriends,” he teased.

Sandra, are you watching The Killing this season? Any scoop? — Petra

I have it on good authority that there’s going to be an unexpected kiss sometime this season. That’s all I’ll say.

Love that you’re in #CloneClub now, Sandra. Would love some Orphan Black scoopage! — Shelly

While possible Emmy contender Tatiana Maslany and Co. don’t report back for season 2 until fall, there’s one thing she’s almost certain of: Helena is for sure dead and gone. “I think that’s the best thing,” she says. “If you invest in a character and then they’re gone, that’s real life. That’s what happens. I think it raises the stakes for the series. You see these clones as fallible and human — even Helena who seems to defy humanity can die…We don’t know what’s going to happen to any of the clones now. They’re all up for grabs now.”

I’m SO sad Orphan Black is gone. PLEASE tell me you have info on S2? — Jenny

While Maslany can’t say how many new clones will be introduced next year (because she doesn’t know), when asked how many more she thinks she can take on, she jokes, “17!” “I’m just excited to see what they bring forward,” she says. “I have no clue what kind of characters they’re going to create or what were going to explore. I trust [the exec producers] implicitly and I’m just kinda like, ‘Whatever you guys want to throw at me, I’ll try to defend that character as much as I can and play with it and have fun.’ I’m really up for whatever’s coming.” And while she has yet to think about what accents she might want to practice over hiatus, she says, “There are loads of accents I’d be interested in doing and lots that would terrify me as well.” My humble suggestion? Let’s meet an Aussie!

The end is near. Need some Dexter scoop — Christian Shephard

Take in this scenario: A pretty girl walks into the police department. She asks for Masuka. He’s drooling. What happens next will rock his world…Guesses?

When are we going to learn more about Elizabeth’s connection to John Wilkes Booth on Copper? — Jenni

Without getting too specific, EP Thomas Kelly promised that we will see Elizabeth get a little over her head this season. “It’s one of those things where you make one small decision that all of the sudden forces you to make much bigger decisions that you never thought you’d be faced with. So that’s kind of her trajectory on that,” he says. “She got herself into something without a lot of full knowledge about what she was getting herself into. And then she has to deal with it when she realizes what she’s got herself into.”

Sandra, I’m SO pleased with Elementary casting Rhys Ifans as Sherlock’s brother. But can you tell me when Natalie Dormer will be back? — Renee

Last time we caught up with Dormer, who we think should be in the running for an Emmy for GOT, she claimed she “couldn’t possible comment” but says “I’m sure it would take more than that to hold Moriarty in a jail cell, if I had to speculate.” And as far as those fans who think Irene isn’t really Moriarty, Dormer is happy to listen to all theories. “This is the gift of the show, right? That there’s so much you can do with the formula, and the bluffing, and the double bluffing, and the triple bluffing. So who knows? And to be honest, honey, I’d be the last to know,” she says, laughing.

Thanks for the pictures of Unforgettable. Any idea how they’re going to close up the case about Carrie’s sister’s murder? — Melanie

I don’t think they will. Dylan Walsh explains why: “The first episode back, we do bring that up very smartly,” he says. “There’s a little girl who is kidnapped and it kind of reminds her of the whole business with Rachel, so she has to make a decision. Can she be a cop and let this [history] bring her down? Or is being a cop the thing that helps her deal with it? So we don’t go back to investigate her sister’s murder, but it comes up in a way that explains that it’s the work of being a cop that helps her deal. We kind of move past it. I don’t know if we’ll revisit it.”

Anything on Parenthood? — Sarah

Expect a pretty big time jump when the show returns for its new season. Just how big? Well, for one, Jasmine and Crosby’s bun is no longer in the oven. And let’s just say, Crosby, who you’ll recall wasn’t around for Jabar’s baby years, is learning the hard way exactly what he missed.

Any intel on the Switched at Birth ‘what-if’ episode? — Jordan

Airing July 8, the episode, which explores what would have happened if Regina had told the hospital about the switch when the girls were still young, is pretty fun, but will also leave you fuming at alt-John and alt-Kathryn. Why? Let’s just say their actions have huge consequences in the alt-world.

Sandra! I need some White Collar scoop!!! — Lizbeth

Here’s some five-alarm scoop: Thought Magic Mike was the last time we’d see Matt Bomer in a fireman’s outfit? Think again. I hear he’ll suit up again around the sixth episode of the fifth season. Bonus scoop: The show is currently casting a bit part as a crisis negotiator. This person’s task at hand? Talking MOZZI off the ledge of a building.

(Hilary Busis and Emily Rome contributed to this column.)

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