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This week we landed in easily one of the greatest and most romantic cities in the world, Barcelona. The guys and Des actually stayed in a quaint little seaside town a short drive from Barcelona called Sitges. When I walked up to find the guys at the beginning of the episode, we were actually on the boardwalk in Sitges. Usually when we go to great cities like this I will spend some time telling you why it’s such an amazing location, but I think Barcelona speaks for itself, and it does so with an incredible Spanish accent. If you get the chance you must spend some time in this city.

Drew got the first one-on-one date this week and he and Des made the short drive to spend the day getting lost in Barcelona. We’ve seen a little bit of Drew but we’ve never seen him like we did on this date. Drew opened up to Des and revealed a lot about his personal life, especially the struggles with his dad. These conversations can sometimes get awkward but Des and Drew really seemed to get each other on a very deep, personal level. The date had a heavy start but it really took off from there. At dinner, Drew really seemed to step out of his comfort zone when he attempted to steal Des away to a private place so he could deliver what Des described as a very passionate kiss. It’s a little hard to steal Des away when we have all our cameras there working, but the sentiment is what’s important. Drew obviously got the rose and is definitely someone to be watched as we continue.

The group date this week, on a personal level, was one of the coolest dates we’ve ever had. If you don’t know, I love soccer as much, if not more than Juan Pablo does. While I was in town I was fortunate enough to take in some Barcelona games, so it was incredible that we got to take over their cross-town rivals’ stadium for our date. The Espanyol stadium and field was in perfect condition and I want to thank them for being so gracious in allowing us to take a few divots out of that pristine pitch. One of the most entertaining parts of the date was a former pro and now professional trainer named Carlos who put the guys through some drills before the game against the girls. As you saw at the end of the episode, he was awesome and had a great sense of humor. Juan Pablo was easily the best player for the guys, but Chris was the surprise star.

Of course the real drama on this date took place off the pitch when the guys finally confronted James about the things he said. Kasey did most the talking as he had actually heard James talking to Mikey in the van. But then James tried to “counter-accusate” these serious allegations. Yes, Kasey completely made up a word here, but I have to be honest I not only knew what he was talking about, I like it and plan to start using “counter-accusate” as well. James later sat and talked to Des and was very emotional and contrite, which is completely different than how he is with the guys. So the big question is, “Who do you guys believe?” I do have to credit James for one thing: I absolutely loved his entrance back at the suite. He calmly strolled in and instead of the confrontation we were expecting he simply said, “Gentlemen, goodnight,” and walks off to bed.

I know Zak was worried his date might be marred a bit with all the James stuff from the night before, but he didn’t need to worry. His sunny disposition and charm quickly helped Des forget all about the James garbage and she was able to dive right in to the nude sketching. There are plenty of jokes that pop into my head about the nude sketching and although I find it hard to let them go, I will not indulge such adolescent punch lines. Instead I will rise to the occasion and show my great love for the arts. In all seriousness the date with Zak was a huge success. Their relationship seems very fun and easy. Des and Zak appear to be on the same page they make each other laugh and seem happy together.

The situation with James was far from over, though, and Des had to come back to finish the conversation she had postponed the night before. The only problem is when James talks to Des he seems sincere and sweet. It’s when he’s with the guys that he gets defensive and confrontational. It really is a bizarre situation and I look forward to sitting down with James and the guys to discuss this at the Men Tell All. Like you, I’m a little torn on this situation and I think it’s safe to say that Des is as well. Even though she let James go, I really don’t think she had clarity on him or how she felt about all of it.

Lost in all the James drama will be the fact that Juan Pablo and Kasey also went home this week. As you could see from the previews, the rest of this season is incredibly emotional, and it’s not going to be easy for Des. Next week we’ll be in Madeira, Portugal. Until then you can always find me via twitter and instagram @chrisbharrison.

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