By Kyle Anderson
Updated July 01, 2013 at 05:27 PM EDT

A good rule for children at the pool is “always swim with a buddy.” Replace the word “swim” with “booty pop” and “violently cut carrots,” and you have the new videos from Ciara feat. Nicki Minaj and Pink feat. Lily Allen, respectively.

Pink’s “True Love” finds the singer cavorting about with husband Carey Hart and daughter Willow. There are also some flashy psychedelic colors, footage of her trapeze act from her last tour, and track collaborator Lily Allen whipping up a smoothie full of rage (and fiber!). Check out the flashy clip below.

It’s entirely possible Lily Allen has yet to be on the same continent as Pink, despite the fact that they’ve worked together on both the song and the video. Ciara has definitely been in the presence of Nicki Minaj, as the video for “I’m Out” proves:

In the latest clip from her upcoming self-titled album, Ciara welcomes Nicki to the set of Michael and Janet’s “Scream” video and reveals their matching white bodysuits. There’s also a set piece at a post-apocalyptic dance-off, but basically this is all about two ladies shaking their backsides, sometimes from several different angles. Watch it below:

Ciara’s Ciara hits stores this Friday, July 5. Pink’s next project is the upcoming romantic comedy Thanks For Sharing, which finds her playing a sex addict (you know, if you’re into that).

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