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The time: More than a decade ago — 2002, to be specific — and it was Big Band Week on American Idol. Ugh, this week is going to suck, I said to myself, letting my distaste for the genre shine through. And I would have been correct in my assumption — had it not been for Kelly Clarkson's rousing, fun-filled, and totally punchy performance of Betty Hutton's "Stuff Like That There." That was the first time I remember thinking, with 100 percent conviction, that Kelly Clarkson could sing anything — and it would be far from the last.

Fast forward to today, when I stumbled upon a two-week old YouTube video of her covering Mumford & Sons's "I Will Wait," which I've been rewinding Michael Scott-style on YouTube for the last four hours.

This is far from the only time I've become momentarily obsessed with one of Clarkson's covers. As we've already chronicled on this site, during her tour last year, she unleashed a storm of equally repeatable cover songs that remain etched in my ear drums as some of the best covers I've heard in a long time. (Fave: Gotye) Which brings me to my point…

Can we get these released properly already?

I'm sure there are obstacles to such a task, but that's something for music execs, business guys, and dogs with glasses to figure out. Purely from a fan's point of view, I would love to have these songs so I don't have to listen to them with ill-timed fan screams and crowd singing. Or, in the case of the video above, I've listened to that camera click at the 3:48 mark about 100 times. Lord, beer me strength.

So, Kelly, from one Texas gal to another, let's make this happen. These little gems are too good to get buried in the musical landfill we call YouTube.

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