June 30, 2013 at 08:33 PM EDT

During a performance earlier this month, Kanye West made it very clear that he doesn’t care whether his music is on the radio. But after his latest album, Yeezus, bowed last week with the lowest first-week numbers of his career, it looks like someone has had a change of heart (or, more likely, the label got its way).

Billboard reports that “Black Skinhead” will be the first single from West’s fifth solo album, with a clean radio version and a music video likely to arrive in time for the Fourth of July.

So far, promotion for Yeezus has been limited to West’s few appearances on TV (SNL) and in person (Adult Swim’s upfront and New York’s Governors Ball festival), as well as a handful of cryptic short films projected onto the sides of buildings across the country. During his Governors Ball performance, West explained why he didn’t feel the need to pimp his new project.

“Honestly, when I listen to radio, that ain’t where I wanna be no more,” he told the crowd during a mid-concert monologue. “At this point, I could give a f— about selling a million records as long as I put out an album that y’all can rock to all motherf—ing summer. And I don’t give a f— that the label’s saying I can sell more records.”

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