By Annie Barrett
Updated June 28, 2013 at 04:00 PM EDT

When I was younger, I’d imagine Snow White leaning juuuust a bit too far into the well, or human Ariel ironically drowning under her oppressive wall of bangs, or the mice turning on Cinderella and devouring her in her sleep (thanks a lot, cheese curd remnants). But nothing like this. The Disney Princesses’ Heads Exploding video was easily the most horrifying Internet oddity I’ve seen all week.

“I want so much more than they’ve got planned,” must’ve thought Tumblr curator/artist (synonyms now) Simone Rovellini, much like Belle.

The rest of the Exploding Actresses site — it’s not all Disney; click here to have your Titanic memories shattered — is great, but I’m freaking traumatized by this princess collection. I still consider these young ladies my prettier, pluckier big sisters! You want the pumpkin to spontaneously combust; not Cinerella’s head. Shudder.

Luckily, Simba didn’t meet quite as brutal a demise.

Your call: Hilarious or NOT OKAY?