Credit: Peter

Will the sound of wedding bells finally echo through the Pritchett-Tucker household?

Modern Family co-creator Christopher Lloyd told EW that today’s court ruling could impact the show’s fifth season and whether Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) finally tie the knot. “It’s a real possibility,” Lloyd said. “It’s certainly something we are contemplating on the show in ways we wouldn’t have in prior seasons.

“We’ve had a number of conversations,” Lloyd continued. “As you can imagine in Cam and Mitchell’s life, they would be feeling that a door has opened that was closed to them. Wouldn’t it be pretty tempting to think about walking through it? We imagine a lot of gay couples today are deciding whether to get married now that it’s open to them. From our standpoint, that’s something to explore.”

This isn’t a new discussion for the writers. Since the ABC comedy depicts Cam and Mitchell as a loving couple who parent a well-adjusted adopted girl, it would have seemed organic in previous seasons to show them participating in a commitment ceremony. But Lloyd said the comedy “didn’t want to make an overt political statement” and risk alienating viewers at the same time. “It’s not that we are absolutely unwilling. It was more of a tonal thing. It didn’t seem like our show to do that.”The writers have also been loathe to cave to public pressure — such as the campaign launched by the ACLU last month to marry off the popular duo.

“To the extent that people are interested in what happens on the show and how they really take these characters to heart, it’s a compliment,” Lloyd said. “But if they want to campaign to influence how we deal with the characters, that starts to be intrusive. We resist that. The ACLU had their heart in right place, but there was a silliness to the whole thing. They don’t exist, you know! They really are fiction.”

That said, Lloyd admits there was a certain amount of giddiness in the Modern Family writers room today after the ruling came down from D.C. “It’s a funny thing, sitting around and celebrating for your characters on a day like this,” said Lloyd. “We were happy for Mitch and Cam today!”