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What kind of 6- and 9-year-olds have never heard of the Partridge Family? Unassuming DEATH METAL SPAWN with serene smiles, colored tights, and apparently the coolest dad ever, that’s who. Here’s the type of act that’s been making it through to Vegas while you haven’t been watching America’s Got Talent. Delight in the dulcet tones of Aaralyn’s original tune, “Zombie Skin.” I can’t wait to hear her debut single, “How I Ate My Brother.”

A 6-year-old who can scream and growl?! I’ve underestimated the talent on this show completely. Fortunately, Scary Spice’s wrath went ignored and we’ll be able to hear Aaralyn’s other singles, “Lullaby Crash” and “Brush My Hair In Knots.”

Mel B’s best acting since Spice World? (Sorry, that’s blasphemy.)

“That’s the wurst runway walk I’ve ever seen!”

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon realized he was hosting America’s Got Talent.

Was anyone else way more thrown off by the absurd baby voice and tinkling baby music in the beginning of the clip than any of the heavy metal display? Maybe AGT should just turn into a horror movie about this little girl. I’d totally watch it (on YouTube the next day).

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