Unicorn Thinks Hes Pretty Great

Bob Shea, author-illustrator of four Dinosaur vs books and I’m a Shark (among many other children’s stories), has got a brand-new creature-feature hitting stores today.

Meet Goat: Goat always thought he was the coolest kid on the block — until Unicorn moved in, that is. After all, a bike is hardly impressive when your neighbor can fly to school. Homemade marshmallow squares are nothing compared to someone who can make the sky rain cupcakes. Needless to say Goat’s not Unicorn’s biggest fan. But things start to change after Goat shares a slice of pizza with Unicorn and he learns that maybe, just maybe, being a unicorn isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Check out the trailer for Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great below:

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