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Man of Steel has grossed close to $400 million worldwide. That's good news for Warner Bros. The reboot wasn't just designed to relaunch the Superman franchise; it was explicitly intended to establish a whole expanded DC universe, with the potential to craft a multi-spinoff franchise series leading up to a Justice League movie. It's a simply Marvel-ous plan — get it? GET IT? Despite the film's success, Warner has been mum about any plans for future movies, outside of fervent rumors that they're fastracking Man of Steel 2Steel Harder for a 2014 release.

But in a freewheeling new interview with ABC News, Superman himself has some thoughts on the possibility of a Justice League movie. And Henry Cavill makes some good high-level-geek points — appropriate, perhaps, since the guy claims he was playing World of Warcraft when he got offered the lead in Man of Steel. (NERD ALERT.) Says Cavill:

Cavill is voicing a common complaint about the DC characters; unlike the relatively more earthbound Avengers, the Justice League is classically composed of mega-powerful near-abstract icons like Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman — who can control the freaking oceans, so show some respect. Man of Steel, by comparison, strove to bring more gritty reality to the Superman mythos. It will take some time to mix together different superpowered characters into that reality. Of course, a few years ago we all thought that nobody would ever believe science-hero Iron Man and actual god Thor together onscreen. Clearly, we were wrong.

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