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I want to start off this week sharing some great news that many of you have hopefully already heard about. Mike Fleiss, the creator of this franchise, and myself, have helped create a dating site called At First Sight. The app is currently available on iPhone and Android devices and will be available online very soon. For over a decade, people have come up to me and asked how they could be on the show or if I could help them find love. Well, this site, which has been many years in the making, takes what we’ve learned from years of doing this show and put it into an amazingly useful, entertaining and safe site. Download At First Sight and check out the video profiles, then take a minute and make your own. I’d love to know what you think.

Now, let’s jump into this week’s episode with Des and the boys in Munich, Germany. I need to start off by apologizing to a fellow host and the German people. For several days everywhere I went people were raising a glass and saying “Probst.” I like Jeff Probst, he’s a great guy and I respect his skills and his many Emmys, but hearing everybody toast that guy when I walked in the room was more than I could take. I learned later the German word for “cheers” is “prost” and in no way relates to Jeff Probst. I only wish I had learned this before verbally assaulting many good German people. With that little misunderstanding settled, it was time to move the guys into their hotel. As you can tell it was a little chilly this week in Munich, but the city is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to tell you what hotel we stayed in because it was incredible, but as you heard I couldn’t even pronounce it, much less spell it. If you couldn’t tell my German is, as they say, “no bueno.”

Chris got the first one-on-one date this week. This is a guy who has really emerged from the pack the last few weeks. He was a slow starter but has really made up ground and seems to be making an impact on Des. The date was going great until Bryden decided that not only did he need to leave, but he really needed to leave right then and there. So he set off to find Des to break the news to her immediately. I don’t necessarily think he needed to bust into her date to do this, but I do respect the fact that Bryden pulled himself out of this situation as soon as he was absolutely sure Des wasn’t right for him. At this point, taking up space in the house and on dates just isn’t fair to Des or the other guys. While Des wasn’t exactly blown away by this news she was upset by the realization that this can happen. Chris was put in a tough spot, having to help Des recover and also save his date. He did a great job pulling the situation together, assuring Des he was there for the long haul. Later that night when Des was explaining that she really needs words of affirmation in a relationship, Chris whips out a poem he wrote. This was perfect timing and Des really took it to heart. It was the icing on the cake for what had been a really good date.

The group date took Des and the guys to the highest peak in all of Germany. The last couple weeks I think you’ve really been able to see a difference in Des and her relationships with the guys. They all had a blast playing on the mountain and then headed inside an ice castle that you could only find on this show. Des and Brooks are an interesting pair right now. You can tell she’s really into him and he seems to be into her but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of dialogue between them at this point. It’ll be interesting as thing progress to see if there is more than just pure chemistry between them. I hate to harp on this, but how far has Zak come since the first night? He might be one of the best comeback stories we’ve ever had. That was an incredible story he shared about climbing the mountains in Germany ten years ago to find clarity about the priesthood. Apparently, God talked to Zak and said his services weren’t needed in the church and to go forth and do some crunches.

Now, the situation with James is a very interesting one. He obviously said some things in front of Kasey and Drew that didn’t sit well with them. But was this just guy talk? Were these things said around his boys that he didn’t really think much of or was these statements a true picture of his character? This is a very explosive situation and the fuse is lit. James is a very proud passionate guy and he’s not going down without a fight, literally. Next week should be pretty intense.

The two-on-one date is always an awkward one, but awkward really doesn’t describe what went down between Michael and Ben. I would love to get your thoughts on Ben. Michael did an incredible job of using his courtroom skills to bury Ben, but did he go too far? Was this one of those situations where he won the battle but may have lost the war? Des got the message and kicked Ben off, but she was clearly upset and put off by Michael’s tactics. How about Ben’s thoughts in the car home? Wow! Did he show his true colors or what? The things he said about being the next Bachelor and what a great story a single dad from Texas would be was nauseating. I’m guessing Des was pretty happy about her decision after seeing that.

We shot the deliberation and rose ceremony at Schloss Schleissheim, which in German means “holy crap that’s an incredibly awesome castle.” This castle was about thirty minutes outside of Munich and it was well worth the trip. After speaking with Des, I could tell she was very clear in what she wanted to do this week and she really didn’t need or want the cocktail party. I think part of the reason is she knew she was saying goodbye to a nice guy like Mikey. Spending more time with him only would have made things more difficult. Mikey is a sweet guy and Des really liked him, but there just wasn’t chemistry there.

Next week it’s off to Barcelona. This is obviously one of the most romantic places in the world but next week it will also be one of the most dramatic as the situation with James goes through the roof. The guys this season have really fallen for Des and they are incredibly protective of her, but are they too protective? At some point Des might get to the point where she resents being “taken care of” so much. Thank you for watching and as always you can find me on twitter and instagram @chrisbharrison.

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