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Falling Skies

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From Falling Skies to The Walking Dead and Revolution, a number of TV shows offer us a glimpse at what life could be like in the post-apocalyptic future.

But whether you believe the end of days will be spent fighting zombies, fending off aliens or dealing with the mother of all blackouts, one thing is certain — when it comes to survival, the way you dress could mean the difference between life and death.

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Earth Tones Work for Everyone

Layering on a tank top, a long-sleeve tee, a flannel shirt, and a leather jacket will protect you from the elements and camouflage you from your enemies, be they zombies, aliens or other humans. Plus, the more clothes you have to take off, the more you’ll suspenseful those those “last people on earth” moments — you know what I mean — will be. Neutral colors like khaki and taupe will blend in with the devastated landscape, making it easier for you to stay out of sight. Don’t worry if your clothes are bright and colorful, before long they’ll fade to various shades of brown thanks to all that dirt and dried blood.

Next: Get a Well-Shod Leg Up on the Enemy

Get a Well-Shod Leg Up on the Enemy

On the mean streets of the dystopian world, tall boots are de rigeur. Yours should be waterproof with durable rubber soles and steel toes. While they don’t provide any practical advantages, lace-up style knee-high boots will give you a kick-ass swashbuckling pirate vibe when you’re locked in battle with predators.

Next: Give them the Finger

Give them the Finger

Whether you’re shooting guns, riding motorcycles or engaging in hand-to-hand combat, fingerless gloves are a must-have. And if you find yourself dangling perilously from some type of ledge, they’ll help you get a firm grip and avoid plunging to your death.

Next: You Can Never Have Too Many Accessories

You Can Never Have Too Many Accessories

From crossbows to canteens — you can never be too prepared for the unexpected, and it’s easier to keep track of your gear if it’s attached to you.

Next: Suit Up

Suit Up

No matter how long you manage to survive, body armor will never go out of style.

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Falling Skies

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