So bad it's...almost good

By Chris Nashawaty
Updated June 21, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT
Everett Collection

Imagine if the Three Stooges all weighed 400 pounds…and Curly could beatbox. That’s just a hint of the delights that await you in the so-surreal-it’s-brilliant Fat Boys movie Disorderlies (1987, 1 hr., 26 mins., PG). One of the most bizarre artifacts of the ’80s, director Michael Schultz’s fish-out-of-water comedy stars chunky rappers Mark Morales (a.k.a. ”Prince Markie Dee”), Damon Wimbley (”Kool Rock-Ski”), and Darren Robinson (”The Human Beat Box”) as a trio of inept male nurses hired by a scheming Palm Beach gambler (Anthony Geary) to look after his ailing millionaire uncle. That the geezer is played by Ralph Bellamy (Trading Places) is merely the icing on the sinful cake. The Fat Boys don’t pretend to be actors (they make Vanilla Ice’s turn in Cool as Ice look like Hamlet). But the fun they have is infectious, especially when they take a break from their health-care duties to pop and lock their way through ”Baby You’re a Rich Man.” Disorderlies isn’t a good movie. But the fact that it’s finally available on DVD (through Warner Archive) made this particular old-school hip-hop fan very, very happy. C+