Credit: Herrick Strummer/Getty Images

It looks like we weren’t the only ones watching the “Stay” music video on repeat. For a (probably brief) period of time Rihanna’s VEVO channel officially has more combined views than Justin Bieber’s, making her the most-viewed artist on YouTube. Rihanna now has 3.784 billion views for her 77 video channel, beating Bieber’s 3.783 billion (with 79 videos). She also has 8.8 million subscribers to Bieber’s 5.0 million.

As Billboard pointed out, Rihanna also surpassed Bieber in Facebook likes with 72 million to his 54 million. However, as Jimmy Fallon proved last week, Bieber can literally tweet anything and get 10,000s of retweets from his over 40 million followers.

All this being said, what video do you want to watch more:

Rihanna’s bonkers and awesome performance of ”Diamonds” Saturday Night Live:

Or Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and A Beat” found footage journey:

You have to decide!

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