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Tonight, Franklin & Bash returns for its third season (9 p.m. ET on TNT) with new cast member Heather Locklear, who joins the law firm as name partner Rachel King, in tow. “She’s come in to sort of kick our asses a little bit,” Mark-Paul Gosselaar explains. “Because we became equity partners last year, and because Stanton [Malcolm McDowell] is sort of on our side of a lot of things, we just needed somebody to push back against the boys. So that’s what she brings this year: She brings somebody that’s not always on our side — and might have ulterior motives to not be on our side.” Of course, there’s more to Locklear than that: “She brings that sexiness that she always brings with every role. We actually don’t bring sexy at all,” Gosselaar jokes. “So we needed somebody to do that.” (Look for Locklear to have at least one memorable sex scene: “Sex on a table, that was easy. When I had to cross-examine people and be in court, I was nervous,” she says.)

Below, Breckin Meyer takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test while Gosselaar assists (he passed the written exam back in 2009).

Bonus! Their actual prized pop culture possessions…

Meyer: I have a piece of Freddy Krueger’s face. The other day I found the skateboard from Clueless in my garage. And I have a Boba Fett helmet that I cherish.

Gosselaar: That’s so impressive. You’re so hip.

Meyer: Yeah. What’s up, kids? You guys want to go to the Internet?

Gosselaar: I have stuff from NYPD Blue.

Meyer: What?

Gosselaar: The handcuffs. You know what I’m talkin’ about?

Meyer: Yeah. “Let’s play Sipowicz.”

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