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Riley Parks might be the most evolved character in television, and now, the housewife-turned-single-mother-turned-dirty-masseuse-turned-one-time-hooker-turned-prostitution-ring-leader potentially just added another title to her name — murderer. Because if Greg Carlyle didn’t make it out of The Rub in time, he just died in a fire that she started. That said, he did physically attack her and, well, I can’t imagine the police will be too distraught over losing the state’s biggest criminal. But believe it or not, Greg Carlyle is not Riley’s biggest problem right now.

In The Client List‘s two-hour season finale, Riley’s world very slowly fell to pieces. The client list was stolen, her mother announced that she was moving to Austin, and the police (aka her brother-in-law/ex-boyfriend) started to question her salon’s involvement in an ongoing prostitution investigation. The first half of the finale focused on Riley’s emotional downfall, ending with her standing in the rain being confronted by the two most important men in her life. Luckily, running away from those men seemed to wake her up, because in the second half of the finale, Riley found her fiery spirit, which as always, came accompanied by a good pair of stilettos.

While her best friend was off becoming an adoptive mother — yay! — and Selena was off calling it quits with Derek — boo! — Riley was putting on her stripper wig and preparing to take down yet another man with sheer seduction. Shockingly, it worked, and Riley broke into Greg Carlyle’s safe to steal the list back. But here’s what I don’t understand: If Greg then showed up at The Rub just before Riley burned the list, does that mean that Nikki is dead? The last we saw of her, Greg had his hands around her neck. And didn’t Riley’s fingertips poke out of those gloves, meaning her fingerprints are all over that crime scene? Although, does that matter if she set fire to the place? Pardon my lack of knowledge, it’s been a while since I last scanned a crime scene looking for prints.

Right now, the only thing that’s guaranteed is that Riley has a lot of explaining to do, which she claims she can when she, once again, is faced with the confused and worried faces of two very attractive brothers. And then there’s the little fact that the police are about to show up and have quite a few questions themselves. Will next season find Riley in a jumpsuit? Will she ever work at The Rub again? All I know is that there better be a slutty-massage element to this show, because nobody wants to watch a happy married couple be happy and not give slutty massages to strangers for money. I mean, honestly.

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