Furby Boom

Dah-ay-loh-oo-tye, Furby fans (and anyone who spent 1998 cowering in fear of their Furby)! There’s big news on the horizon for Hasbro’s recently relaunched electronic pet — and though we don’t have much information about the “next generation” of furry toys, we do know that a new line is coming, and it has a name: Furby Boom. Here’s a teaser image:

Furby Boom

So many burning questions! Does this mean that unholy Tamagotchi/Furby mashup we always dreamed about has finally become a reality? Could this be a Bop It-style game, only in Furbish? And how should parents spend the next few months preparing themselves for its arrival — breathing exercises? Earplugs, maybe?

Furby Boom will hit shelves this fall.

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