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At least one of Mad Men‘s mysteries is finally solved — officially: A press release, touting the new agency name of Sterling, Cooper and Partners, has been released on the Internet, via Facebook. What would Don Draper say?

Dated Oct. 27, 1968 and written by Peggy Olson, the release contains quotes from several of the partners (although none from Pete Campbell! Short end of the stick once again!) “A name can mean a new beginning, a chance to see yourself as you would dream to be, and leave the baggage you’ve accumulated over the years behind,” Don Draper declares, presumably with words Bob Benson will take directly to heart.

Fans can check out the new logo above. And as Jim Cutler says, “You have to agree the ampersand is funky.”

Want more Mad Men? Don’t bother calling the number listed on the ad in hopes of getting a retro voicemail. The number — missed opportunity! — isn’t in service. Instead, check out Keith Staskiewicz’s recap of last night’s major revelations.

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