In his new video for the single “Don’t Think They Know,” C. Breezy opens with two bits of on-screen text: The first is a statistic about children getting shot, and the second is a quote that reads, “Unity is what we are afraid of so fear is insanity. Let’s love each other.” It’s a quote credited to “Not CB, just Christopher.” So: Christopher Brown, armchair philosopher?

Then comes Aaliyah’s disembodied voice, and her projection makes a cameo appearance in the clip (which involves Brown stalking through Los Angeles as both a Blood and a Crip). It’s all very problematic.

Check it out below:

Did anybody else watch that scene of Brown among that massive throng of children and think, “Run kids! It’s Chris Brown!”

Also, is this video some kind of preview piece that leads directly into The World’s End?

For all its faults, the biggest problem with “Don’t Think They Know” is that it’s kind of a boring song (especially compared to “Fine China”). Both of those tracks will appear on Brown’s forthcoming album X, which is scheduled to arrive on July 16.