By Kyle Anderson
June 15, 2013 at 07:00 PM EDT

Does the U.S. Open always fall on the same weekend as Father’s Day because of the stereotype that if you have fathered a child, you automatically love golf? It’s a strange confluence of events, but it seems to work for some people, as no fewer than 27 million dads will get some sort of lame golf-related gift this weekend.

But let’s face it: Golf is boring. Strike that—golf is deadly boring. The most boring.

But forget all that, because the one silver lining to all this golf talk is that it’s an excellent excuse to talk about Caddyshack one more time. A lot of comedies from that era have not aged particularly well, but Caddyshack holds up, partially because golf will always seem sort of silly, and partially because of the commitment from both Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield and Bill Murray, all of whom turn in instant-classic performances. Not only that, but it established them all as bankable movie stars, all of whom would have major studio pictures built around them in the coming years.

To celebrate the greatness of Caddyshack, the folks over at YEAH! have put together a cool infographic that runs down Caddyshack by the numbers. Highlights include: Six (the number of days Murray actually worked on the film), 10,000 (the number of gallons of water used during the famous scene where Murray’s Carl Spackler floods the gopher hole), and $117,613,400 (the domestic box office in today’s dollars).

Click the image above for the full graphic, or check it out right here.

If you have somehow never seen Caddyshack, just stop what you’re doing and go watch Caddyshack. And if you’re like me and have seen Caddyshack, you should definitely watch it again. YEAH! has a fully-curated version of it that features all sorts of bonus tidbits about the production and the flick’s legacy as a great sports movie. Here’s a look at Carl Spackler’s famous “Cinderalla story” monologue—which was entirely improvised by Murray himself.

Want more? Check out the full curation over at YEAH!

Happy Father’s Day, dads! And just in case you’re not getting enough Bill Murray this weekend, go ahead and watch the man talk to RZA and GZA in Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee & Cigarettes.


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