By Mandi Bierly
June 14, 2013 at 11:48 PM EDT
Clay Enos

It’s Day 2 of our Henry Cavill Twitter Watch, and the tweets about his handsomeness have definitely gotten racier. Credit goes to more people having actually now seen him on the big screen as Man of Steel‘s Superman, but also to the airing of a Graham Norton Show interview in Britain, which produced so many tweets right as we began our search for inappropriate expressions of affection that we only had the stamina to look through two hours’ worth. Watch a fun Graham Norton clip below in which costar Amy Adams explains how creepy one feels talking about Henry’s beauty in front of him. (Ah, the anonymity of the Internet.) And below, the inappropriate — but still printable — tweet sampling:

#ManOfSteel is trending.

I know I trend sharply upward whenever I see #HenryCavill in his skinight #Superman costume. :)

— Brad Linden (@BradLindenSoCal) June 14, 2013

Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman should have a topless pillow fight. You know… To raise money for a children’s hospital. Or something.

— Trevor Lawless (@trevorlawless) June 14, 2013

If I die I want to be reincarnated as Henry Cavill. I’m sure ladies must drop their knickers on his command.

— Guy W.e.s.t.o.n (@Marwood1987) June 14, 2013

Oh Henry Cavill get in my pants!

— Rebecca Johnson (@Missus_Johnson) June 14, 2013

so um…yeah…i could probably get into the new Superman…or he could get into me…ya know…whatevs…

— ~addi~ (@addimaree) June 14, 2013

I want to marry someone with a voice like that… And face and body. #henrycavill

— SarahloulouJ (@sarahloujones1) June 14, 2013

Henry cavill’s face is literally the greatest thing I have ever seen.. Well other than henry cavill’s body. #supermanismynewfavouritehero

— Amy Mc Rory (@A_mcroars) June 14, 2013

I want Henry Cavill on me…uh, to meet me, with me…marry me? I cant even.

— Cati (@caitlinloe) June 14, 2013

Man of Steel was hella awesome. Henry Cavill’s junk took up ninety percent of the theatre screen. I repeat — hella awesome.

— Wolfie (@SubwayWolf) June 14, 2013

I have a Man of Steel hangover bc Henry Cavill was so funking hot guys u don’t understand i involuntarily gasped in theatre like 30 times

— Julianna Scharnhorst (@omgzjulianna) June 14, 2013

SPOILER: The first time #HenryCavill appeared onscreen without his shirt I started crying. #superduper

— ★ Henry Cavill ★ (@HenryCavillCom) June 14, 2013

I think I might actually be physically drooling over Henry Cavill.

— Gabriella Jones (@MeetMissJonesy) June 14, 2013

Watching #henrycavill on #grahamnorton ….. Noah will have to bring his ark to get me out of my room #flooded!

— Ciara Smyth (@Smythzer1) June 14, 2013

The way Henry Cavill sits like a man, damn. It’s an open invitation for me to sit on his lap #GrahamNorton

— Aminah (@kissmypolkadots) June 14, 2013


— ‏tatum (@varsitycyrus) June 14, 2013

Should not be watching Henry Cavill on the Graham Norton show with my dad in the room…

— Clare Austin (@clare_m_austin) June 14, 2013

In absolute disbelief at how HOT Henry Cavill is in Man of Steel!! Think I finally get how most men felt watching Megan Fox in Transformers

— Faye Wilson (@FayeDeway) June 14, 2013

@_HenryCavill @HenryCavilliers @HenryCavillFans Men stare at Victoria Secret models, now we can stare at Henry :-)

— Julie Anderson (@retrogal777) June 14, 2013

Don’t want to be one of THOSE people, but I saw Henry Cavill first so suck it bitches.

— OolongTea (@LeilaWarner) June 14, 2013

Actually, Russell Crowe saw Henry Cavill first. Most fans will already know this story, but it’s nice to watch Crowe tell it.

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