Just two weeks ago on Entertainment Weekly Radio, Jeff Probst broke news about the next season of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, revealing that it would involve former contestants returning to play alongside their loved ones. Probst called into EW Morning Live again from the undisclosed filming location this week to discuss the big twist and how producers had to wrap their heads around the new concept. But he also talked to former Survivor contestant Jenna Morasca and me about another potential twist: an all-winners edition in which former champs would battle it out for the ultimate title. So, is this something we’ll actually see?

“We’ve talked about an all-winners season quite a few times and it really comes down the cast,” revealed Probst. “A: Do you have enough winners that will come back and play? Of those winners, are there enough of them that are good characters, because not all winners make for great TV? And then, do you have enough men and women, and then, is there enough diversity in age and all that stuff? And so it takes a lot. But yes, if we knew it was our last season and the network told us ‘this is it,’ I’m sure we would try to do something to go out in a way that would please the audience.”

Obviously that was music to Jenna’s ears, seeing as how she is a winner herself from Survivor: Amazon. Jeff also spoke about next season’s big Blood Vs. Water twist and if it means a serious format break for the longtime reality hit. “We didn’t change anything to the format at all other than bringing on loved ones,” Probst explained. “But we anticipate that it will change the show, that this twist will find new wrinkles in places we didn’t know they were. That’s what I’m guessing is going to happen — that the format doesn’t have to change at all, but because you have now complicated it severely by having your family members out there, that we’re going to discover things that we can’t even anticipate other than to anticipate that we’re going to discover new stuff.”

Does that mean the players and their loved ones are playing with or against each other? “Ultimately Survivor is a game in which only one person can win,” said Probst. “So you have to play with that mindset even though you may have a partner in a loved one. Your partner may be your adversary. Who knows? But both of you aren’t going to win no matter what.” You can hear the entire chat right here and right now on the InsideTV Podcast by clicking on the audio player below.

But first we start things off with another reality host. The effervescent Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance stopped by the EW Radio studios to hang out with Jessica Shaw and me on the TV Recap show. Don’t ask me how the conversation turned into one about Deeley and judge Mary Murphy dancing on table tops, but it did! Cat also gave us the scoop on this season of the dance show and reveals how she puts together all of those fabulous outfits that turn Jessica red with jealous rage. It’s a fun, freewheeling chat you won’t want to miss.

But wait, there’s more! EW’s resident Game of Thrones expert/geek James Hibberd called in to the show to discuss the huge finale of the HBO hit. James has inside scoop from the producers on what to expect going forward in season 4 and beyond. It’s truly a must-listen for anyone wanting to know where the show plans to go from here.

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