By Hillary Busis
Updated June 14, 2013 at 06:11 PM EDT

Can’t get Taylor Swift’s songs out of your head — but wish that their messages weren’t so sex-negative, old-fashioned, and heteronormative? Feminist Taylor Swift, a brand-new Twitter account that’s racked up some 12,000 followers in two days, was made for you.

Behold how a few easy lyrical changes transform “You Belong With Me” into an empowering, inclusive anthem:

Nod in recognition as a revamped “Begin Again” explains how seemingly innocuous behaviors bolster gender stereotypes:

Marvel at the way “22” seamlessly morphs into a song protesting the wage gap, courtesy of user @riotprl:

We can’t wait to see what would happen if Feminist Tay-Tay and Feminist Ryan Gosling went on a date — one where they split the check evenly, of course.

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