June 14, 2013 at 07:00 PM EDT

After Falling Skies‘ thrilling two-hour season premiere last week, star Noah Wyle is the first to admit the show has a lot of balls in the air — the ascension to the presidency for Wyle’s character Tom, plus a baby on the way, the infection of his son Hal (Drew Roy), and a new alliance with seemingly friendly aliens… and that’s just the start. “We threw into play quite a few storylines right off the bat,” Wyle tells EW. “All this stuff is pretty big and meaty to have an audience wrap their head around in the first episode of the season. But it’s good. It’s a big ball of yarn, and we unravel it as the season goes on.”

With season 3 filmed, Wyle and costar Will Patton sat down to take EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test. Below, watch them talk about mean actors and memorabilia, then get the scoops on what’s in store for the 2nd Mass over the next few months.

As for the remaining eight episodes Skies, Wyle says, “The two dominant storylines are What’s going on with Hal and how is that going to affect things — is he a security risk? and What is this new alliance and can we trust them?

As for that second storyline, Patton notes, “There’s a great deal of suspicion around these aliens.” Wyle counters, “There’s no arguing with results, and since this alliance has been forged, we’ve been winning. They bring us superior technology and a knowledge of the enemy that we didn’t possess. As a result, we’re turning the tide.” Still, he acknowledges that the longevity of this newly formed alliance is “a big question.”

Another big change for the season is the relative stability of the 2nd Mass, who settled in Charleston, S.C., after two seasons on the road. Surprisingly, both actors bucked at the prospect of setting down roots. According to Patton, “There’s a longing for the road. We’re not that happy being so civilized — at least Weaver’s not, and I think Tom is, too. We feel trapped.” Wyle adds, “We realized early in the first season that, when the group is stationary, it tends to dissipate the tension. You really want to feel like the group is being chased at every turn. … We have to be very vigilant because we don’t want to feel like we’re stagnant, we don’t want to lose that threat. So the storylines have to be very mission-based — we have a base, but we leave it a lot and go out into the field a lot. I think we’ve struck a good balance.” Patton picks back up, with a warning: “We’re not at all comfortable. We haven’t landed in some sort of comfortable situation. Even when we’re at base, things are a little out of control.”

Falling Skies airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TNT.

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