Usher is a busy man. In addition to mentoring The Voice and popping up at music festivals alongside the Afghan Whigs, Mr. Raymond has taken the time to star in a new Samsung-produced short film, which you can watch the premiere of here.

Titled Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself” Presented By Samsung, the Rich Lee-directed clip features a duel between two versions of Usher — one being down-to-earth side of him, and the other being his celebrity half.

Watch the video below, and read on to find our interview with Usher himself:

EW: So tell us about the clip, and how it came about.

Usher: Well, Samsung and myself got together to create a digital short inspired by my song “Looking 4 Myself,” which is off my most recent album of the same name.

This gave me an opportunity to put a face to a song that I love. The short is about basically the two sides of my personality: the dichotomy of who I am as an entertainer, a relationship gone bad because of who I am as an entertainer. Here I am, in front of the television, kind of maneuvering through it in my apartment, and my alter-ego shows up and we battle. We battle doing a series of uniquely created choreography that uses some of the movement that you use to operate the TV.

How did the idea of two of you fighting come about?

It was my opportunity to kind of have an action-packed moment, which was off the beaten path of what I normally do. I don’t normally fight in videos that much, [though I usually] am kind of fighting myself. So it’s a battle between me and myself, but dramatized. The action was a little inspired by that Will Smith movie Hancock, and also The Matrix. There’s a lot of action, a lot of special effects, and a lot of stunts. But I don’t want to give everything away!

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