By Mandi Bierly
June 13, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

As Man of Steel hits theaters, prepare for your Twitter feed to be overrun with descriptions of Superman Henry Cavill’s handsomeness. Here are some of today’s most inappropriate (but still printable) expressions of appreciation.

“That’s why I’m going tonight, I hate Superman. But I love tight butt.” – @jdoherty91 on Henry Cavill in spandex

— Phillabustaa (@phillabustaa) June 13, 2013

@BayouKun Henry Cavill? Wasn’t he the guy with tight thighs in Immortals? Now reconsidering my decision to watch it..

— Nocski Al (@Noctisette) June 13, 2013

@kopbabe74 Henry Cavill bulging out of a superhero costume!??! HELL YEAH!!! Everytime i c him i get a tweak in my ovaries!! ;P

— David (@Davidb2674) June 13, 2013

Henry Cavill. I want him, like chained to my body por favor #damn #manofsteel #superman

— Audrey Roberts (@audreycroberts) June 13, 2013

Henry Cavill. On my bed every night before I sleep and every morning when I wake up. Zipping and unzipping my dress❤ @euleyyyy

— nice sedonio (@itsyouknees) June 13, 2013


— Kay Gemzon (@kaygemzon) June 13, 2013

I just got so hyped I spilled popcorn down my shirt #ManOfSteel #HenryCavill #omg

— PimpinAintEZ© (@MakaylaJohnz) June 13, 2013

Also, Henry Cavill needs to stop with his face and body because it’s all I can think about #distraction #hazard

— Hillary (@hollywoodhill) June 13, 2013

I love you so much, Henry Cavill! ❤ Marry me and I’ll give up my life to serve you 24/7! LOL

— FRΔNCESCΔ LΔNUZΔ (@francescaxla) June 13, 2013

The day all you bitches fall in love with Henry Cavill is the day i will kill you

— Catarina Santo (@Cat_Santo) June 13, 2013

Henry cavill is so beyond perfectly beautiful. Every time I see a picture of him I feel the need to look away bc I am not worthy.

— Erika Guerrero (@Erikaa_Guerrero) June 13, 2013

Who is this Henry Cavill superman guy? He is so hot I can’t even look directly at him.

— Tricia (@Trixie1762) June 13, 2013

Hey @Mellostanno! We should go see Man Of Steel when it’s out, I need someone to drool over #HenryCavill with, preferably not my husband! ;p

— January (@janjan1979) June 13, 2013

Yay!! Henry Cavill in 3D!! What was my husband thinking?!? 1 more hour!!

— Jessica’sBookReview (@JessBookReview) June 13, 2013

Dreamt that Hamish looked exactly like Henry Cavill and I was dating my very own Superman OMG best dream ever!

— jojolee ღ (@_simplicityx_) June 13, 2013

This is one of the few times that I’m like ecstatic that I’m single. OMFG. HOT DAMN HENRY CAVILL. I want to cry because of hotness T_T

— Bianca Bautista (@bianxbautista) June 13, 2013

Can we all just come together and have a four hour discussion on how hot Henry Cavill was in Man of Steel. #YES

— sarah ayu (@sarahsiddiq) June 13, 2013

Sweet mother of god… god bless Henry Cavill ;-; will not be recovered from his perfection tonight….

— 주황공주 (@orange_empress) June 13, 2013

Oh lawwd help from jumpin on my TV Henry Cavill is British and so FN HOTT!!!!! #ManOfSteel  #Superman

— Adrienne Franco (@TurquoiseRoseCA) June 13, 2013

I have to say, seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman with his shirt off gives me the special chills.

— Tiffany Sullivan (@belfour1) June 13, 2013

Lady boners: ENGAGE! #manofsteel #henrycavill

— Robyn Hoffman (@hoffman_robyn) June 13, 2013

#manofsteel is utterly awesome! Action packed superman comic brilliance… And as for you #henrycavill I want to eat u up & lick my plate!

— Presenter/DJ Kissfm (@neevofficial) June 13, 2013

Since I can’t have Henry Cavill, can I at least have this? #manofsteel

— Anabel Vazquez (@anavaz25) June 13, 2013

Dear Henry Cavill, When you’re ready come and get it na na na na, na na na na, na na na na. Xo -Carlo

— carlo de santis (@ExtraCarlo) June 13, 2013

Henry Cavill on @katiecouric makes me question my sexuality. But then Amy Adams confirms it. #lezbehonest

— Catherine Orr (@catherineEorr) June 13, 2013

I don’t think anyone understands just how long I’ve waited to see Henry Cavill in spandex. #Superman #ManofSteel

— Emma Leigh (@He_Is_My_Cancer) June 13, 2013

@jennifermarie Spoiler alert: Henry Cavill has nice everything :D

— Alexis De Girolami (@VernaVenisa) June 13, 2013

Think my mum is worried that my love for Henry Cavill is obsessive, which is silly really. I’ll get Henry to have a word with her about it.

— Daphne Schmaphne (@bythesheetstore) June 13, 2013

I am very much looking forward to Henry Cavill’s chest in Superman. The rest of the story? *shrugs* Ehh. Whatever. #HesHot

— Christy (@DancingDays123) June 13, 2013

so the movie was kinda bad i’m sad to say but yeah henry cavill with a beard is everything that’s good about this world

— Matías Franco (@matiasfranco91) June 13, 2013

henry cavill is unbearably sexy. i’m sorry to objectify you henry but you brought it upon yourself.

— Sophie Carroll (@thegreatSophieC) June 13, 2013

Perhaps these explain why the Man of Steel himself has shied away from a Twitter presence? Can’t say we blame him. Update: See Day 2’s even more inappropriate tweets.

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