Tonight, Burn Notice reaches its 100th episode! In ”Forget Me Not,” Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) returns to Miami, but he is instructed to not talk to his friends. Instead he — along with his handler — observes them as they try to find the guy who, in the premiere, tricked Madeline (Sharon Gless) into revealing that Michael is working with the CIA.

“I think it’s a wonderful episode for the fans,” Donovan tells us. He calls the episode “very voyeuristic”– expect a lot of heart-leaping moments while Michael lovingly watches Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar)– and it was doubly so for him, given that he also directed it. He tells us he had originally wanted to direct the premiere, but the show’s creator, Matt Nix, convinced him that he should do the hundredth not just because its a milestone episode, but also because of the storyline between Fiona and Michael. Fans get to see flashbacks to when Fiona and Michael first met, in Ireland when Michael was Michael McBride. In one of these scenes [minor spoiler], Fiona pulls a gun on Michael and he takes that as her flirting with him. Donovan jokes about moment with a laugh, “It’s their dynamic, which is very unique to them.”

To celebrate Burn Notice‘s 100th episode, we put Jeffrey Donovan through our Pop Culture Personality Test. But before we started, we learned some trivia of our own. When Burn Notice ends it will have the same number of episodes, 111, as another Florida staple: Miami Vice.

“Forget Me Not” airs tonight at 9 p.m. on USA.

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