By the time The Wolverine opens on July 26, obsessive fans will likely be able to piece together 50 percent of the actual movie from the seemingly endless supply of teasers, trailers, and international trailers. The latest clip features some fresh scenes, starting with the 1945 atomic explosion that begins this particular chapter in Wolverine’s mythology: he shields a Japanese soldier from the blast, a soldier who ultimately becomes Shingen Yashida, the head of a huge corporate empire. Decades later, Yashida offers to return the favor, telling the immortal Logan, “Your ability to heal can be passed to another. Allow someone else to shoulder your burden.”

But what’s more exciting here are the new ladies in Logan’s life. There’s the snake-tongued succubus — “A chemist, a capitalist, a Viper” — who makes Wolverine’s flesh weak. And then there’s Yukio, the young warrior who tracks down Logan and brings him back to Japan. In the comics, Yukio was a deadly samurai who lacked mutant powers. But a brief clip in the new trailer hints that she might be an oracle of some kind: she thinks Logan’s future is not so bright.

Watch the new trailer, which finally delivers for all you fans who were disappointed that Wolverine didn’t have enough motorcycles on rooftops.

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