Katee Sackhoff started a heated debate on an already-heated topic this weekend when she tweeted about gun safety — and the Battlestar Galactica actress claims it cost her 100,000 Twitter followers.

In response to a CNN report that a 4-year-old boy shot and killed his father with a weapon he did not know was loaded, Sackhoff urged her followers to be careful with their firearms.

The response was mixed, with many responding that there was no need to have guns in a home with kids in the first place. Sackhoff replied that she grew up around guns and, thanks to safety, education and adult supervision, never felt that it was unsafe. When one person wrote, “Here’s a radical idea folks. How about NO gun?,” Sackhoff retweeted with the response, “Never gonna happen in the US.”

Sackhoff acknowledged that there was no perfect answer, and that the gun debate was a heated one — and she was right. The eventual fallout resulted in the actress losing over half of her followers, as least that’s what she tweeted:

Her final tweet on the matter was diplomatic, but she stood by her safety-first motto.

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