By Samantha Highfill
Updated June 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Welcome back to Rosewood, Liars! The fire might have been extinguished last season, but things are only starting to heat up in the season four premiere as the Liars join forces with Mona to track down Red Coat.

First things first, we find the Liars right where we left them, standing at Wilden’s trunk. And the big gasp-worthy mystery in the trunk is — drumroll, please — a pig? Yep, that’s a pig. Don’t ask me where it came from or what it means (other than that cops are sometimes called pigs?), but that’s what it is. More importantly, there’s another dead “pig” to worry about. Wilden. The not-so-clean detective was found having been shot multiple times, and it looks like “A” has set everything up to frame the girls. Shocking, I know.

However, there is a semi-bright side to everything that has happened: Mona is (at least seemingly) on Team Liars, and she’s ready to do her part. After taking the video out of Wilden’s car and therefore saving Hanna’s mom, Mona finally spills some secrets. Apparently, Shana hearts Jenna, both of whom are scared of Melissa. Lucas was the one who gave Emily a massage a while back, and Mona claims she recruited Toby when he went off to get that job in another county. Wait, so at that point he was already with Spencer, yes? So if that’s true, do we think he really was just in it to protect Spencer?

In other news, Mona was not the one who pushed Ian off the bell tower, and the last she saw of Wilden’s car was when she parked it in Hanna’s garage. Do we believe Mona? I’m not sure. But I will say that it’s nice that she takes the girls to her lair. There, the girls discover the identity of the Queen of Hearts from the Halloween train. Not surprisingly, it was Wilden. But who was his accomplice (aka there’s a second Queen of Hearts)? Mona claims it was Melissa, but the video dies before she has proof. Someone erases all Mona’s files. Uh-oh. Someone has been ex-communicated by Red Coat, the apparent computer genius.

Regardless, I’m not as worried about Mona as I am about the return of Alison’s mother. Between setting up Ali’s room exactly as it was and then staring at Spencer out Ali’s window, Mrs. D isn’t exactly on my people-to-trust list right now. Then again, who is? (Except for Ezra. I love Ezra.) Speaking of, let’s catch up with the nonexistent Ezra. Ezra is offered a permanent teaching job at the high school, and Aria is still way too paranoid that the vice principal will discover their secret. With that in mind, she decides it’s time for them to see other people. I’m confused. Didn’t they break up in the finale?

But you know who didn’t break up in the finale? Spoby. As far as I can tell, Spencer and Toby are back together and as happy as ever … right up until “A” texts Toby claiming to have answers about his mom. He drops off Mona’s lair in exchange for information, picking his mom over the Liars. But at least he didn’t look happy about it. And what was with that flashback? Did Toby have a crush on Alison?

In other couple news, Paige and Emily are going to go to Stanford together! Well, that’s the plan at least. And it makes Emily happy, right up until Jenna shows up to inform her that Wilden saw Ali the night she went missing, which is probably why he’s dead. Jenna asks Emily to tell Toby she never meant to hurt him if, you know, she’s the next body in a morgue. Hey, is that a burn mark, Jenna?

And finally, after getting a text about Wilden’s casket, the girls attend the memorial service, where they find Hanna’s mom’s phone in the casket. Does that mean Ashley is the next target? And who was in the black veil? Do you believe that Officer Holbrook is a “good guy?” And does the incriminating video of the girls at Wilden’s car mean that Mona really is a victim now?

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