Go Kindergarten

Does anyone else hope Sean "Diddy" Combs and Paul Rudd are best friends in real life? The Lonely Island have your back.

The comedy trio have been building buzz for The Wack Album for weeks with a string of new material, and the latest is an epic video for "Go Kindergarten." In the clip, Rudd and his BFF Diddy go to the club, and while the hip-hop mogul fully commits to the group's risky new dance, Rudd spends most of the video looking skeptical (and getting his finger cut off).

"Go Kindergarten" also features a killer chorus from Robyn that we could listen to over and over again, and the Swedish singer goes full Gaga with her costumes and makeup. There isn't enough space in the world to describe the insane getups the guys are wearing, but trust us: You'll enjoy them.

Watch the video below. It's pretty NSFW:

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Go Kindergarten
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