Lying, cheating, deceitful pig! Anytime that sentence is uttered you know there’s some drama. We will get to the slick used car salesman that is Brian in just a bit, but first let me say I’m glad this season has officially begun. As of this week, the gloves came off and it is on.

The week began with the group dodgeball date. The day started off innocently enough in a small private little gym where the guys got absolutely pummeled with balls from professional dodge ballers. (Who knew there was such a thing?) Let me tell you, I watched the practice portion of this date and those pros could bring it. The guys were so relieved when I came in and told them they’d be battling each other. That is until I happened to mention it would be a very public display. By the time the guys arrived at the open-air mall there was already a huge crowd gathered. I love these public dates where I get to walk around and visit with our fans. Des and I had a great time spending about a half hour walking around the arena talking and taking pictures with everybody before the guys arrived. The guys probably weren’t as excited about the crowd once they saw the very tight uniforms they had to wear.

These guys were so competitive when the games started they would sprint at each other full speed to get the balls. Well, something had to give — and that something was Brooks’ finger. There was no doubt when I saw Brooks’ face that he was really hurt. Any doubts I may have had were erased once I looked at his finger and saw where his knuckle used to be. Des was a champ that day. Brooks’ finger was all kinds of disgusting and she sat there with him and comforted him the entire time. At the end of this epic dodgeball battle, Des ended up taking both teams to the party. I did feel bad for Brooks, not as much about breaking his finger but more so about having to go the emergency room in that outfit. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the nurses and doctors as this guy comes in with that uniform?

At the after-party, I feel like we finally got to know some of these guys a lot better and so did Des. Brad really opened up to Des about his son and his situation with his ex, which was incredibly heavy stuff. These guys are really starting to feel for Des and that is leading to intense competition, but also moving these guys to really open up. Halfway through the party Brooks came rolling in and I’m assuming he had a pain pill or two. By the look of the smile on his face I’m not sure he even knew what party he was attending. For all he knew, he may have been at the Academy Awards. I have to give him credit for wrapping up the finger and rolling in still in his uniform. The guys were so deflated when he walked in because they knew Des was going to give him major attention. Chris, who we also finally got to know this week, was able to make a big enough impression on Des that he got the group date rose and the private show with Kate Earl. It was brutal that the guys had to sit and listen to the concert knowing that Des and Chris were sharing an intimate moment together.

The next day I got a call from one of our producers telling me we had a bit of a situation that I needed to be made aware of. I was told the complete story of how Brian not only had a girlfriend but that she wanted to speak to him and confront him at the house. After talking the entire situation over with our producers, we decided the best course of action would be for me to call Des, tell her everything and see how she would react and how she wanted to handle this. I loved her attitude about the whole thing. Instead of being sad, she was resilient and strong. On top of that, she was pissed and wanted him out in a big way. I told her Brian’s girlfriend was in town and she agreed that she should get the chance to speak to Brian herself.

Stephanie and I were waiting together out front while Des talked to Brian. She was incredibly upset and emotional. In fact, she was so upset I wasn’t sure she would be able to walk in the house, much less confront Brian. Somewhere between the front door and the backyard she found the strength because she let him have it and didn’t stop. I mean she really, really didn’t stop, for a very long time. Des and I were standing there looking at each other and couldn’t help but laugh as this guy got everything he deserved. It really wasn’t a funny situation — it was actually very sad as this guy obviously was in no place to be there for Des, and he was obviously messing with this other woman’s life.

Maybe after Stephanie, the biggest victim in all this was poor Kasey. He was set to have his first one-on-one date with Des that day. Even though Des was fine after she sent Brian packing, emotionally, she just wasn’t in the right space to then turn around and try to go on a romantic date. She gave it her best shot, but it was really like the date was jinxed from the start. The weather turned terrible, the pool was freezing, Des was in a rough mood and it just spiraled downhill. They both tried to patch it together but it just wasn’t happening. Kasey took it well and knew this just wasn’t his night. I’m glad Des realized this and still gave him a rose so he can have another chance to show Des what he has to offer.

The final date was another group date that was tied into the new movie The Lone Ranger, which I can’t wait to see. Come on people, we had Silver on the date! I know I’m dating myself, but I think that’s pretty damn cool. If you didn’t yell “Hi-ho Silver, awaaayyy” then you either aren’t a fan or maybe you’re under sixty-five years old. Anyway, I know the only thing people (women) are going to be talking about is Juan Pablo. The guy knows how to lay it on thick and Des loves it. James may have gotten the rose but Juan Pablo stole the show on this date.

Because this week had been a little tense, Des decided instead of a formal cocktail party, let’s let everybody relax and enjoy a day in the pool. It was nice to be able to finally walk in and give some good news for a change. It was a much needed stress reliever, or at least that’s what we thought it would be. Ben pulled a sneaky little stunt, swiping Des before the day ever got started. He actually would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids! (It’s a Scooby Doo reference — look it up, kids.) Ben is really rubbing some of these guys the wrong way. Yes, some of it may be jealousy because he’s been one of Des’ favorites from the start, but he’s also done everything in his power to rub it in the guys’ faces and make it worse. Quick side note: The only thing more awkward than all those guys sitting in the hot tub with Des when I walked up was all those guys sitting in the hot tub without Des after she left.

When all the dust had settled this week Dan, whom I had never seen before, and Brandon were sent home. Brandon had an incredibly emotional week and it was just too much for Des, as she just didn’t have any chemistry with the guy. I felt bad for the guy because he just didn’t read the signs and was blindsided when Des sent him home. As I said, this was a very pivotal week for this season as it really was the jumping off point for how this will all play out in the weeks to come. Things took a very serious turn and the drama isn’t over. Next week we leave the friendly confines of the mansion and hit the road. Our first stop is Atlantic City, the new/old home of the Miss America pageant, which I’ll be hosting in September. You will enjoy how we pay homage to this event by putting the guys through the paces of their own pageant. Trust me — it’s a sight to behold. Have a great week and we’ll be waiting for you next Monday night on the Jersey shore. In the meantime you can find me on instagram and twitter @chrisbharrison.

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