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If you already love Amy Poehler, there might be room to love her even more. Just listen to the Parks and Recreation star singing the praises of the one-and-only Judy Blume:

"I am excited to see Judy Blume's new movie, because she is a very special lady, and more movies should be produced with her name," Poehler told Vulture about the film adaptation of Blume's 1981 novel Tiger Eyes, out in limited release now. "Or she should just sit and read her books aloud and we should just gather at her feet."

But every kid of Poehler's generation loves Judy Blume, right? That might be true (let's be honest, it is), but Poehler took her Judy IQ a step further when one of her PR reps suggested that the Ramona series belonged to Blume.

"No. She wasn't Ramona. That's Beverly Cleary," Poehler corrected, distinguishing between the young-adult icons. "You're thinking of Super Fudge. [Judy Blume] was Deenie, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing is a really good one. Tiger Eyes."

And speaking of Are You There God?, Poehler was surprised that it's never been made into a movie or TV project – or has it? "I'm sure Helen Hunt played Margaret in 1978 and did an amazing job," she joked.

(For the record, Margaret has never been adapted for TV or film, but you can get your early Hunt fix in the accidentally hilarious 1982 after-school special Desperate Lives — yes, that's the one where she dives out of a window after taking angel dust.)

The Tiger Eyes film is available in limited release and On Demand now.

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