By Laura Hertzfeld
June 10, 2013 at 10:50 PM EDT

Since Disney shut down LucasArts — the Star Wars creator’s videogame arm — earlier this spring following the Disney-LucasFilm merger and announced that mega-developer Electronic Arts would take over the franchise, one of the biggest questions has been what a new Star Wars videogame will look like. Monday at E3, fans and industry experts got the first glimpse of the next generation of Star Wars videogames — and they’re coming from a familiar place. DICE, the studio behind popular first-person shooter game Battlefield, will helm the new series titled Star Wars: Battlefront at Electronic Arts.

EA tweeted the news:

While we don’t know much yet, it looks like things are still freezing on what we can only assume to be the planet Hoth in the (very brief) teaser trailer below:

No further information was provided about release dates, plot, or price of the upcoming game.

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