Man Of Steel
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

This weekend, you’ll believe a man can fly — at least, Warner Bros. sure hopes you will — with the opening of its Christopher Nolan-produced Superman movie Man of Steel. Advance word on the film has been carefully curated with a series of teasers and trailers that play up the grave gorgeousness of the film and its star, Henry Cavill. Meanwhile, summer TV is getting even more supernatural with the season premieres of Teen Wolf and True Blood.

Plus, a new novel, some hot doctors in the Hamptons, and more!


Teen Wolf, 10 p.m., MTV

The third season of MTV’s werewolf- and shirtless-centric drama is hardly underway and already people are dying and fighting and getting generally very upset. There are surprising make-outs, surprising fake-outs, and sass in this week’s “Chaos Rising.” Remember, kids: Never go into abandoned banks alone.


24/Seven by Big Time Rush hits stores

Nickolodeon’s four-piece boy band-slash-stars in a Nick show about a four-piece boy band are releasing a third album while a fourth season of their show is already on the air. It’s BTR domination. But seriously, you can stream the whole album on our site.


Royal Pains season premiere, 9 p.m., USA

It’s the fifth season of USA’s easy, breezy medical dramedy about a “concierge doctor” and his family, friends, and patients. The premiere introduces Frances Conroy, fresh from American Horror Story, and closes with a “scorching” surprise.


Save Me season finale, 8 p.m., NBC

Anne Heche’s Beth Harper — a wreck of a woman whose life is changed when she starts hearing the voice of God — finally meets the Almighty in tonight’s finale. Of course, the Almighty is played by Betty White. “We really were trying to figure out who in the world could possibly play God,” Heche told us for this week’s issue. “And we started writing down all the qualities that we wanted God to have and then I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re trying to have Betty White!'”


Man of Steel OR The Bling Ring

Zach Snyder’s origin story of America’s most all-American superhero hits the regular beats — Krypton (boom!), Lois (Amy Adams) (swoon!) — in a assuredly Snyder-ian way: We already know the flight sequences are impressive-looking; and Michael Shannon, as General Zod, is loud-sounding in that 300 way.

For the blockbuster-averse, Sofia Coppola’s ripped-from-the-headlines The Bling Ring also opens in select theaters.


The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan

Are diamonds forever? That’s one of the driving themes in Sullivan’s sprawling new novel, which our Leah Greenblatt gave an A-. The Engagements, out earlier this week, follows a cast of characters through the decades, united in their relationship to what diamonds really mean: love, commitment, and money.


True Blood season premiere, 9 p.m., HBO

Last year, we saw gentlemanly vamp Bill consume the blood of godly vamp Lilith — and be reborn as the fan-dubbed “Billith.” Of course, things are never that easy in HBO’s sudsy horror-soap, which is amping up the vampire-on-human conflict. “[Bill] doesn’t know what he’s capable of,” EP Brian Buckner told us for our summer TV preview. And also: “Bill and Sookie always hold the center of the show.” Draaama!

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