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June 10, 2013 at 01:00 PM EDT

Tonight, John Oliver will take over for Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show for three months. Oliver previously told EW he hasn’t been practicing his hosting persona — so it’s anyone’s guess how tonight’s debut may shake out. Will Oliver adopt Stewart’s angry outrage? Will he continue to be an above-it-all smug Brit? Will he become the zaniest version of himself because he’s losing the job regardless in three months, so really, who cares?

We’ll get our answer tonight at 11:00 E.T. One thing is for sure: He certainly won’t run out of material. The IRS scandal, possible government spying and even a Royal baby will all likely dominate the news cycle this summer. For now, get ready by watching 10 of Oliver’s greatest Daily Show moments (“We can change that!”) since joining the show as a Senior British Correspondent in July 2006.

10.) Oliver’s Travels –Iraq: Oct. 9, 2008

9.) Prince Harry Visits America: May 14, 2013

8.) World Cup 2010: Into Africa – The Amazing Racists: July 5, 2010

7.) Tempest in a Tea Party – Tea Bag Tyranny: April 16, 2009

6.) Tea Partiers Advise G20 Protesters: October 1, 2009

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