Friday Night Lights
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Friday Night Lights

Brian Grazer recently sent Panther fans’ hearts racing when he announced that a Friday Night Lights movie was very much a possibility. When the cast reunited this weekend at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, the idea of hearing Coach Taylor rally another team on game night was on everyone’s minds. “I’d put 50/50 odds on it,” Scott Porter, who played paralyzed quarterback Jason Street, told EW. “I’m so scared we would never be able to top the show. And I wouldn’t want what we did together tarnished in any way.”

Porter, who was joined by cast members like Gaius Charles (Smash), Matt Lauria (Luke), Brad Leland (Buddy), and Louanne Stephens (Grandma Saracen), says the only way he could see a movie going forward was if creator Peter Berg, series director and co-executive producer Jeff Reiner, and the anchoring stars of the show Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton all came aboard. “If the four of those people came together one night over beers, those four pillars, I would not bet against a movie being made.”

The cast agreed unanimously that the one thing no one could abide in a movie is the thought of Coach Taylor and Tami (Mrs. Coach) splitting up. “Would a movie happen without Taylor [Kitsch]?” Stephens wondered to the group about including FNL‘s beloved brooder Tim Riggins. “I think at the end of the day you could go without anyone but Coach and Tami,” says Porter. “If you look at the series it’s their story.”

“Would I love to be Jason Street again?” Porter continued. “Yes. But if a storyline felt inorganic then I wouldn’t want to do it.” Stephens joked that she was less sure about the wisdom of a movie. “Grandma Saracen will be dead by Alzheimers by then,” she said with a laugh. “So why bother?”

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