June 10, 2013 at 08:25 PM EDT

Designer dress fittings, four-hour salon appointments, endless parties, and ever-present paparazzi — Effie Trinket’s style diary sounds a lot like a day in the life of Paris Hilton. [Capitol Couture]

James Franco takes on the role of Marion Crane (originally played by Janet Leigh) in a partial remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho in his latest art project. [Guardian]

The white suit and string bow tie that Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harlan Sanders wore for every public appearance during the last 20 years of his life is going up for auction. [ArtInfo]

See Mad Men star Linda Cardellini’s engagement ring (and prepare to be awwww’d). [THR]

Did George Clooney inspire the hottest new plastic surgery trend for men? [The Cut]

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