June 10, 2013 at 01:52 PM EDT

The North remembers — and they’ll have to, since Sunday marked the last episode of Game of Thrones until 2014.

Thankfully, HBO has just premiered a slew of new teasers for series and TV movies that should help the time pass quickly. (Among these videos was a new trailer for The Newsroom, which we posted last night.)

First up is Eastbound & Down, a cult favorite that was labeled as good as dead last spring. Its eight-episode “epic final season” premieres Sept. 29.

Enough Thrones spoofery! The teaser for Boardwalk Empire‘s fourth season is a shot of the Jazz Age served straight up, featuring Steve Buscemi nuckin’ around, as is his wont — though it also gives us a brief glimpse at a new character, Jeffrey Wright’s Valentin Narcisse. The show returns Sept. 8.

There’s a new comedy premiering the same night Eastbound returns. It’s called Hello Ladies, and it stars Ricky Gervais’s best good friend Stephen Merchant as an awkward Brit looking for love on this side of the pond. If this 20-second tease is any indication, he’s got his work cut out for him.

And finally, we’ve got our second look at Clear History — a film that stars a nerdy Jon Hamm and a nearly unrecognizable Larry David as two executives at odds over a new electric car. EW gave you a first look at the movie last month; it premieres August 10.

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