Dumb And Dumber
Credit: Mark Fellman

The sequel to Dumb and Dumber has hit a road block. The in-development follow-up to the hit 1994 comedy was in the works at New Line Cinema, but New Line’s parent company, Warner Bros., has dropped the project, EW confirmed Tuesday. THR first reported the news.

Bobby and Peter Farrelly — the writer-director brothers who created the original — are now searching for a new financier and distributor for Dumb and Dumber To (yes, that’s the title). Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are expected to return as short-on-smarts pair Lloyd and Harry. In the sequel, the two friends will go on a road trip to find Harry’s illegitimate daughter for a kidney transplant.

New Line Cinema produced the 1994 original and also made a 2003 prequel called Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd without Carrey, Daniels, or the Farrelly brothers. The movie depicted Lloyd and Harry’s high school years in the 1980s.

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