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Whatever it takes, I know you can make it through … even though several of your Degrassi favorites are leaving the drama-plagued school for good after June 21, when the show’s 12th season finally wraps up with an hour-long special called “Time of My Life.”

The episode finds Degrassi’s seniors (and a few juniors) celebrating the very last days of the best (and worst) years of their life at two milestone events: prom and graduation. Hearts will be broken; grand romantic gestures will be made; there will be blood, or at least tears. Get a hint of what’s to come in this exclusive clip from the special, which finds level-headed Clare being asked to choose between her prom date — and her soul mate.

Sniff! At least the drama won’t end once “Time of My Life” airs — Degrassi returns for its 13th season July 11 at 9 p.m., with an episode that finds the gang celebrating summer break. As the network puts it: “Find out who travels to Paris, what new faces are stirring up trouble and whose relationship lands them in a spicy online exchange.”

Yeah, it still goes there.

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