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Remi Aubuchon announced last month that he is stepping down from his post as showrunner for TNT’s Falling Skies before the expected fourth season in order to focus on his debut novel. The TV job was simply “all-consuming” and left little time for writing a novel.

Ahead of the alien-invasion show’s season 3 premiere tomorrow, Aubuchon provided some details about the yet-untitled book: It will take place in a steampunk civilization on a Pangea-like supercontinent. “It imagines a world in which there’s one solid continent, but it’s in the middle of breaking up, so that’s causing a lot of havoc, [including] political havoc,” Aubuchon explains.

In the midst of the chaos, the leaders of various countries are being assassinated one by one. The novel’s main character will be an international inspector named Ned Spry who has been assigned to investigate and put a stop to the assassinations.

Figuring out how this world works — including steampunk technology like airships, intercontinental trains, and mechanical beings — has been a fun task, the TV writer-producer said. After working on two seasons of Falling Skies, as well as other sci-fi series like Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel he co-created, Aubuchon says developing a mythology for an imaginary world is “the stuff that I know how to do. Novel writing is new for me. So putting it in novel form has been challenging, but I’m really excited about where I’m going with it.”

He’s also excited to write a story that doesn’t have the limitations of a TV production budget. Aubuchon expects to finish writing the novel by the end of the year.

Falling Skies‘ third season premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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